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Getting Started

The documentation provided here in the Developer Docs section is a more detailed guide to the implementation of TaskCollect as a whole.

Some of this information is included in the IMPLEMENTATION.md file in the main repository, although the contents included in this documentation are more detailed.


TaskCollect is a web server that multiplexes functionality from educational web platforms for students.

There are a great number of schools around the world that provide educational resources, homework, methods for communication, etc. through networked technologies, in particular, web-based educational platforms. However, due to several factors, schools may employ multiple platforms in their education programs, typically with noticeable overlaps in functionality. In such cases, students have no choice but to wade their way through all the platforms in use by their school to retrieve their homework and available educational resources.

The solution to this is TaskCollect: a web server that multiplexes functionality from educational web platforms, providing a clean, simple, intuitive web interface for students.

At the moment, TaskCollect acts as a multiplexed interface for the following platforms:

  • Daymap
  • Google Classroom

Unfortunately, some of the platforms in use by schools (e.g. Daymap) are school-dependent. To counter this, TaskCollect ensures each user is associated with a particular school.