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Getting started

The Contribute section provides an overview of the different ways in which you are able to contribute to the TaskCollect project. It provides a succinct overview of the different aspects of contribution.

For a more in-depth coverage of the internals of TaskCollect and documentation targeting specific aspects of the development experience, consult the developer docs.

General information and etiquette

Issues can be reported on the Codeberg issue tracker. You can ask detailed questions (including those that might reveal school-specific information) on the public mailing list (the archives are private to ensure school privacy). For discussion regarding TaskCollect development, an IRC channel is also available.

The links to these mediums are provided below:

It should be noted that the issue tracker is for issues and feature requests only, and neither the public mailing list nor the IRC channel are places for general discourse. The purpose of the IRC channel is only for technical discussion about the development of TaskCollect. All general queries should be sent to the mailing list. Questions about technical matters are also welcome on the mailing list, but general enquiries are not welcome in the IRC channel.

Although the mailing list is public, the mailing list archives are not accessible to the general public as schools and those who work, teach, or learn therein may potentially ask school-specific questions about TaskCollect.

For more details on best practices and guidelines for issues, see the issue contribution guidelines.