Privacy policy


When we refer to "the TaskCollect software", we refer to any revision of the software that is contained in and/or built from the official TaskCollect source code repository, without any modification. When we speak of "the TaskCollect development team", "the TaskCollect team", "us", "we", and "our", we refer to the software development team which coordinates, manages, and contributes to the development of the TaskCollect software. When we refer to "TaskCollect", we refer to instances of the TaskCollect software that are set up and managed by the TaskCollect development team.

When we speak of your "use" or "using" TaskCollect, we refer to any interaction with any of the running instances of TaskCollect managed by the official TaskCollect development team.

"Privacy policy" refers to this document. "Service" refers to all that TaskCollect provides for its users (see the section "What we provide" in TaskCollect's terms of use).

Service provider

These terms of use apply to the use of TaskCollect instances set up and managed by the TaskCollect development team. If you are not using such an instance, you should could consult the terms of use for the TaskCollect instance you are using.

Official TaskCollect services are provided by the TaskCollect development team, represented online by the Codeberg e.V. user accounts kvo and TaskCollect. The TaskCollect development team can be contacted using the following official contact information:

Email: ~kvo/

Contact information may be subject to change. You should consult the latest revision of these terms of user for accurate contact information.

Data we collect

We have a minimum data collection policy. TaskCollect collects as little data as possible, attempts to handle it as securely as possible, and we do not share any user data we collect to third parties other than that necessary for user authentication to the online platforms your school uses.

If you choose to log into TaskCollect, you will (directly or indirectly) provide TaskCollect the following sensitive student information:

  • Your school name
  • The username you log in with
  • The password you log in with
  • Authentication tokens for the platforms TaskCollect supports for your school

This data will be stored in an in-memory database which is only available to the TaskCollect server internally, and is never saved to persistent storage. This sensitive data that you provide is only used by TaskCollect to provide authenticated access to TaskCollect and authenticated data requests from the platforms TaskCollect supports for your school.

TaskCollect also handles non-sensitive student data which includes but is not limited to student assessment pieces and learning material provided to students. This data is never stored, and is only processed and relayed between an authenticated user to whom the data belongs and the online platforms the user's school uses. As soon as the data is transmitted (successfully or unsuccessfully), the data is no longer on the server (unless another request for/with the same data is being processed at the same time).

Some of TaskCollect's functionality provides a mechanism to send non-sensitive data to and interact with the online platforms your school uses. This includes but is not limited to task submission, work upload and work removal. As per our data collection policy, we do not share any user data that we collect to third parties (other than for authentication to the platforms your school uses), and therefore none of this data is transmitted to these platforms.

The only data we collect that is sent to the third parties consists of authentication tokens for the online platforms your school uses. This means that in order to ensure all TaskCollect data requests coming from you for a certain platform are authenticated as coming from you, an authentication token for that platform is sent to the platform.

TaskCollect uses browser cookies only to provide essential functionality for its use, such as keeping you logged into your current session. However, these cookies do not store any form of sensitive data, nor do they store any additional data that could be used for malicious purposes including but not limited to tracking.