What is TaskCollect?


A lot of schools which use digital tools to empower their learning typically use multiple online platforms to enhance their education programs, usually with noticeable overlaps in functionality. This negatively impacts students — instead of using one single platform for all their learning, they must use several platforms, which makes managing their learning more tedious and inefficient. Students have no choice but to wade their way through all the platforms in use by their school to retrieve their homework and available educational resources.

The solution to this is TaskCollect: an online platform that multiplexes functionality from educational web platforms, providing a clean, simple, intuitive web interface for students. Instead of providing yet another platform to replace the other platforms in use at students' schools, TaskCollect provides an alternate approach. All digital educational resources are centralised within one platform — TaskCollect, which fetches data from all the different platforms in use at students' schools.

At the moment, TaskCollect acts as a multiplexed interface for the following platforms (with greater platform support to come):

  • Daymap
  • Google Classroom

Unfortunately, some of the platforms in use by schools (e.g. Daymap) are school-dependent. To counter this, TaskCollect ensures each user is associated with a particular school.

TaskCollect has been developed to be able to support multiple schools at once. TaskCollect is currently deployed at the following schools:

  • Glenunga International High School

Privacy and terms

The TaskCollect development team tries to ensure TaskCollect serves student interests and empowers their learning as much as possible. Student users of TaskCollect have a right to know how TaskCollect ensures their privacy and security, and should be aware of the terms and conditions of using TaskCollect. The relevant information, as well as other public legal documents, are linked here:

The development team

The TaskCollect development team is a team committed to improving the world through creating technology that empowers people. This strive is reflected in the creation and continuing development of TaskCollect, which has been designed from the very beginning to help students manage their own learning as they see fit.

Have any questions or queries? Send an email! Additionally, if you would like to participate in TaskCollect development directly, an IRC channel is available for real-time discussion. The links to these mediums are provided below:

If you have encountered an issue with TaskCollect please check the official Codeberg issue tracker to see if the issue has already been reported or not. If the issue has not been reported, please report the issue either using the issue tracker or by sending an email to us.

Keep up with updates by subscribing to the TaskCollect announcement mailing list. To subscribe, email ~kvo/taskcollect-announce+subscribe@lists.sr.ht.